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Dedicated Customer Support

We want you to fully enjoy your vacation and make sure your plans go on without a hitch. To this end, our customer support is there for you every step of the way.

Easy Booking

We handle all the preparations and travel arrangements so that all you have to do is simply book a traveling package. Then, easy as pie, you fly.

Planned Tours

Our pre-planned tours consist of a series of the most popular tourist spots, local highlights, thrilling adventurous spots, and deliciously exquisite native cuisine.

Popular places

For starters, we will have custom packages to Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, Tobago, and Costa Rico/Panama. We will do one sea voyage a year on Virgin Voyages (which is an Adult only cruise ship).

Why choose us

Celebration Vacations creates small group adventures by land and sea. By keeping the groups small makes the trips authentic and enriching experience to explore the islands. Our itineraries are designed for a personalized experience of the islands to experience daily locations through behind-the-scenes access to places and experiences.

The cruises are designed to accommodate more travelers but are kept relatively small to keep things well organized and personal.

  • Personal Touch
  • Local expertise
  • Quality and service
  • Save time and effort
  • Tailor-made holidays
  • Legitimacy

Upcoming Ready-Made Packages

Fuel Your Wanderlust!

Celebration Vacations will take you to the most spectacular places in the world where you’ll get a chance to meet new people from across the sea. Take a dip in the most pristine of beaches, and enjoy life far from the worries of work and home. Take a break from life and breathe!

The right balance

The best small group trips offer you the perfect balance of planned activities and ‘you time’. We allow you time to do the things that you like to enjoy as well since this is your vacation. Although we have an itinerary, there are always opportunities to make time to find things that you want to do on your own. There's always room for you to adventure of your own.

Our Clients Reviews

Let’s hear what our clients have to say after traveling with us!

Philippa Allen

The most amazing 4 weeks of my life were the weeks I spent with my husband on our honeymoon, island-hopping the Caribbean. The tour packages arranged by Celebration Vacations put our minds at ease. They took care of hotel bookings, travel routes, basic necessities, and everything else so we could make the most of our special time
Logan Cooper

Most people party hard and go to crowded beaches on spring breaks, but we spent our break enjoying the peaceful and cool beaches of Jamaica. Celebration Vacations took us on a phenomenal ride and their group tour packages made sure that none of us had to worry about the issues of planning and preparations.
Lily Paulson

Pamela is amazing! Her group tours introduced me to some of the best people I know and the time we spent together adventuring all over islands and touring the famous spots is one of my fondest memories to date

Let us Show You The World.
Discover Our Most Popular Destinations.

Popular Destinations

  • Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rico
  • Cruises
  • Panama
  • Tobago
  • DR
  • Africa

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