Ready-Made Travel Packages for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Couple Retreats, Reunions, Vacation Celebrations, Weddings, or any Occasion Travel

If you have a reason or special occasion to Celebrate, we have a travel package for you.  Your celebration can be at an All-Inclusive resort or at sea. Our groups sizes range from 10 people and up.  Group travel is a safer way to see the world.

Vacation Celebrations focuses on travel to Jamaica, Mexico, Tobago, and Costa Rico/Panama to celebrate any occasion during our travels.   Our cruises vary and will be offered once a year.  All of these islands offer something different that you can experience with your family and friends.  Our team has extensive knowledge on the locations, and you can count on us to lead u the way.


Vacation Celebrations was created to create custom group trips for people to travel with others while leaving the planning to someone else.  Our itineraries are fun filled and spontaneous so that you can capture the best of everything thing the trip has to offer.  I have always had a love for travel to the various islands and I want to share where I have been and the experiences with others.

The Mission

We want to inspire everyone to travel to new destinations and make new friends along the way.

Our Values

Every person deserves to travel. We strive to help people travel to different places without any hesitation because you do not have to travel alone, and we guarantee you a great time.

Striving for excellence

We are determined to be the best by always improving our experiences.  We strive to improve and successfully develop in the active travel market.


It all started from my own experiences

Vacation Celebrations, Pam have always traveled for various celebrations to the islands with her spouse, family or friends, planning detailed itineraries with visits to secret and undiscovered places. But everything changed one day. On the return of a birthday/anniversary trip, people were telling me that they wish they could have gone with us and to let them know when we were going to take another trip.  It was decided then that I wanted to have my friends and family travel with me for any occasion.

This is how the dream was born – to make a service where everyone can go a celebratory vacation with family and friends, meet new friends, and experience the island culture while celebrating. Pam decided that she would invest in this new venture to make her dream come true to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate any occasion while traveling.